Roadmap of Universal Custom Player

Current stages of addon development
To Do
(now in development)
  • Addon's Registration and publication in Yandex browser
  • Addon's Registration and publication in Opera browser
  • Adaptation for Safari browser (Mac OS)
  • Adaptation for Microsoft Edge browser
(waiting for the next patch)
  • Fix: When addon first installed, Language of welcome's message and Player menu is now correctly displayed without restarting the browser
  • Addon's Registration and publication in browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
(released in patches)
  • Added the ability to automatically load the Player in the current tab (always).
  • Added the necessary settings for convenient use
  • Quick play buttons next to each video on the site
  • Change the playback volume by mouse wheel
  • Language Autodetection and the ability to change language in the settings
  • Adding multi-language
  • Visual indication of the video currently playing in the Player
  • Release Addon
  • Optimization of the most important Addon's areas